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Why You Should Choose SERVPRO For Water Damage In Your Nashville Home

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why You Should Choose SERVPRO For Water Damage In Your Nashville Home Most of Nashville’s water damages results from a failed plumbing issue.

In Nashville, damage to even a modestly sized home can run into thousands of dollars after even just a day or two. Expensive furniture, carpets, and other high-end items in the home need immediate care and restoration to begin as quickly after a disaster as possible. 
Most of Nashville’s water damages results from a failed plumbing issue, and not from a storm or other natural event. SERVPRO technicians and specialist train to quickly respond, removing this water from the home as fast as possible and immediately begin restoring both personal and structural property. Our office maintains a deep inventory of the latest equipment needed to stop damage and return as much of the home to its original condition. 
After removing the water, our immediate task is to begin drying as much of the home as possible. One of the methods we can quickly set up in minutes involves dehumidifiers. These machines draw water from the air and nearby property such as curtains and upholstered furniture. Removing moisture and lowering the humidity level in the home augments our other methods as well. Drier air allows evaporation to happen more quickly which helps to save building materials like drywall panels. 
As the dehumidifiers work, technicians begin using extraction devices to dry carpets. For most, that means using extraction wands which efficiently remove water from carpets and carpet pads. For thicker carpets, SERVPRO specialists can also use a riding extractor. The driver propels this larger device which has a platform that uses his weight to press down on the carpet and pad, allowing it to remove more water. Regardless of the cost of the carpet, most pads are cheap, and we nearly always advise replacing them than go to the expense of attempting restoration. 
As specialist dry the carpets, team members remove furniture to either an unaffected part of the home or to a covered area outside. They place the items on blocks or pallets, and immediately set up fans to increase air circulation around them. The fans naturally speed up the drying process without the risk of cracking or splitting the damp wood. 
If needed, team members can also use air movers to generate warm air across the surfaces to force out moisture. They monitor and adjust the level of heat and the airspeed to prevent accidentally causing secondary damage. 
SERVPRO of Northwest Davidson County uses these first actions to reduce and eliminate the effects of water damage in area homes. If you need us to help return your home to a safe, dry condition, call us at (615)-876-9551 today.

Heroes in Training

9/11/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Heroes in Training Fire house at Corporate Headquarters. This is smoked every 6 months and anyone can see how well it is cleaned out.

One of the most frequently asked questions that we encounter is "Why SERVPRO"? Why not some other company that offers the same service? I'll tell you why. The service that our company provides is top of the market. In order to work at SERVPRO, you have to have a kind heart that is willing to help those in need. Not only do you have to be capable of great customer service, you must also be trained thoroughly. At our corporate office, they have a fire house and a water house that they smoke and flood and send in the teams to mitigate. It is a three-week training course, which is longer than most restoration companies. Not only are they required to have this training, but they are also required to take specific classes to make sure they are certified to do the work and stay up-to-date on their certifications.

Fun Nashville History!

8/20/2018 (Permalink)

The town of Nashville was founded by James Robertson, John Donelson, and a party of Overmountain Men in 1779, near the original Cumberland settlement of Fort Nashborough. It was named for Francis Nash, the American Revolutionary War hero. Nashville quickly grew because of its strategic location, accessibility as a port on the Cumberland River, a tributary of the Ohio River; and its later status as a major railroad center. By 1800, the city had 345 residents, including 136 enslaved African Americans and 14 free African American residents. In 1806, Nashville was incorporated as a city and became the county seat of Davidson County, Tennessee. In 1843, the city was named the permanent capital of the state of Tennessee.

In February 1862, Nashville became the first state capital to fall to Union troops. The state was occupied by Union troops for the duration of the war. The Battle of Nashville (December 15–16, 1864) was a significant Union victory and perhaps the most decisive tactical victory gained by either side in the war; it was also the war's final major military action, in which Tennessee regiments played a large part on both sides of the battle.

In 1963, Nashville consolidated its government with Davidson County, forming a metropolitan government. The membership on the Metro Council, the legislative body, was increased from 21 to 40 seats. Of these, five members are elected at-large and 35 are elected from single-member districts, each to serve a term of four years.

Since the 1970s, the city and county have undergone tremendous growth, particularly during the economic boom of the 1990s under the leadership of then-Mayor and later-Tennessee Governor, Phil Bredesen. Making urban renewal a priority, Bredesen fostered the construction or renovation of several city landmarks, including the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the downtown Nashville Public Library, the Bridgestone Arena, and Nissan Stadium.

Nissan Stadium (formerly Adelphia Coliseum and LP Field) was built after the National Football League's (NFL) Houston Oilers agreed to move to the city in 1995. The NFL team debuted in Nashville in 1998 at Vanderbilt Stadium, and Nissan Stadium opened in the summer of 1999. The Oilers changed their name to the Tennessee Titans and finished the season with the Music City Miracle and a close Super Bowl game. The St. Louis Rams won in the last play of the game.

In 1997, Nashville was awarded a National Hockey League expansion team; this was named the Nashville Predators. Since the 2003–04 season, the Predators have made the playoffs in all but three seasons. In 2017, they made the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in franchise history, but ultimately fell to the Pittsburgh Penguins, 4 games to 2, in the best-of-seven series.

In March 2012, a Gallup poll ranked Nashville in the top five regions for job growth. In 2013, Nashville was described as "Nowville" and "It City" by GQForbes, and The New York Times.

Keeping An Eye Out for Mold

8/8/2018 (Permalink)

The truth about MOLDThere are many myths about mold, like: it is no big deal, I can just wipe it off and it is gone, every house has mold so there is nothing that can be done. These are all wrong! Mold is a big deal and wiping it off the surface may not actually take it away. Not every house has it but every house can get it.

What Is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that consists of small organisms found almost everywhere. They can be black, white, orange, green, or purple. Outdoors, molds play an important role in nature, breaking down dead leaves, plants, and trees. Molds thrive on moisture and reproduce by means of tiny, lightweight spores that travel through the air. You’re exposed to mold every day.In small amounts, mold spores are usually harmless, but when they land on a damp spot in your home, they can start to grow. When mold is growing on a surface, spores can be released into the air where they can be easily inhaled. If you're sensitive to mold and inhale a large number of spores, you could experience health problems.

Where Do Molds Grow?

Your walls, floors, appliances, carpet, or furniture – they can all provide the food mold needs to grow. But the thing all molds need most is moisture, so you're most likely to see mold in damp places such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, and crawl spaces.And it can affect a wide range of people from the young to the old; here are some of the people it can affect:
  • People with allergies and asthma,
  • Infants and children
  • The elderly
  • People whose immune systems are compromised due to HIV infection, cancer, liver disease, or chemotherapy
  • People with chronic lung disease
Here are few tips from SERVPRO of Northwest Davidson County to help prevent and control mold:
  • Use dehumidifiers and air conditioners, especially in hot, humid climates, to reduce moisture in the air.
  • Keep indoor humidity below 60% if possible. You can measure relative humidity with a hygrometer, an inexpensive instrument available at many hardware stores.
  • Keep air conditioning drip pans clean. Make sure drain lines are free of obstructions and flow properly.
  • Keep the house warm in cool weather. As the temperature goes down, the air is less able to hold moisture and it condenses on cold surfaces, which can encourage mold growth.
  • Dry wet areas within 24 to 48 hours to prevent mold growth.

Ready For Whatever Happens

8/8/2018 (Permalink)

Make a Plan!

Pretty sure you have seen the commercials about being prepared. “When Disasters Strike”, well it is true! When a disaster strikes are you and your family prepared? Here are few helpful hints and tips from our family to yours to aid in limiting the losses you take.

1st Step is preparing a plan and discussing the 4 areas of that plan with your family and possibly your friends and neighbors.

  1. How will I/We receive emergency alerts and warnings?
    1. What devices will be in use to allow your family to be aware of any emergency?
    2. Where will these be placed though out the house?
  2. What is our shelter plan?
    1. Where are your shelters and how do we get there as quickly as possible?
    2. Who are the contacts for any shelters outside the home?
  3. What is our evacuation route?
    1. How many routes and what are the safest ways to get there?
    2. Where is our rally point if we are separated?
  4. What is our family communication plan?
    1. Who do we contact if we can not reach one another?
    2. Establish a communication tree.

2nd Step is to consider the specific needs of your household.

                What needs are there within your household. A few of those to consider are:

  • Age of family members in home
  • Dietary needs
  • Medical Needs
  • Depth of responsibility
  • Pets
  • Language needs
  • Individuals with Special needs or Disabilities
  • 3rd Step is to create a Family Emergency Plan. There are several printable forms on the internet that can assist with the framework of that.

    4th Step is to practice that plan with your family at least once a month or every other month. The more it is known by all, the easier it will be to execute when the time comes.

    Keep Your School Clean!

    7/30/2018 (Permalink)

    August is here and that means it's time to head back to school!

    Educational institutions can depend on their local technicians at SERVPRO of Northwest Davidson County for fast, thorough service in the event of fire, water or mold damage. With 24-hour emergency response, SERVPRO Franchise Professionals provide mitigation, cleanup and restoration services to reduce recovery costs and to help ensure minimal interruption to your curriculum. SERVPRO of Northwest Davidson County also provides expert cleaning for emergencies or special needs exceeding routine janitorial capabilities, including stain removal, upholstery and drapery dry cleaning, indoor air quality and vandalism cleanup. Our Franchise Professionals are trained to clean and sanitize building materials, surfaces and contents following restoration industry standards, using professional cleaning products and EPA registered cleaners and disinfectants.

    Feel free to ask about our vandalism and biohazard cleanup services!

    Last-Minute Back-To-School Shopping

    7/24/2018 (Permalink)

    There are a number of people that do not procrastinate to go and get the things that they need for their children for school. However, the majority of the population DOES wait until the last minute to get their school supplies and here are a few places that we have rounded up that still have discounts going on:

    • eBay – So many sales are on eBay right now: 50% off of school supplies, 40% off of tech accessories, 70% off of dorm essentials for the one going off to college, new laptops under $400 and other great deals.
    • Staples and Target – the best deals at these shops have come and gone for the ones who go early school shopping, but they still have a few good deals on their school supplies. Target is providing free shipping to online orders over $35, a large number of school items are under $1, and there are some BOGO deals on select items. Staples was running a deal where if a backpack was purchased then the rest of the supplies bought would be 25% off. This is still going on only the discount is 20% rather than 25%.

    Here at SERVPRO of Northwest Davidson County, we like to be prepared for whatever happens, but we know that sometimes disasters happen and put us behind. Happy shopping!

    Crime Scene Cleanup

    7/17/2018 (Permalink)

    SERVPRO of Northwest Davidson County has excellent and professional crews that can handle any bio-cleanup that you may need.

    These services include cleaning bodily fluids, blood, and ruined product.

    Say for instance, you get home one day and while you were gone, someone broke into your home through a window and cut themselves on the way in. After everything is taken care of and a police report is filed, someone needs to clean up the blood. Cleaning blood out of the carpet requires strong cleaners that SERVPRO has developed special for those kinds of jobs. 

    Another example of a bio-job is, let's say that you have taken on the responsibility of babysitting for your neighbor. While the kids were playing, one ate too much at lunch and has now gotten sick all over the living room floor. Sure you can attempt to clean, but SERVPRO cleaners take the stain AND smell out completely.

    We have bio-jobs listed and sometimes what those entail can be confusing. Please consider us to take care of a messy situation and make it "Like it never even happened."

    Fire Damage DOs and DON'Ts

    7/17/2018 (Permalink)

    Emergency Fire Damage Tips


    • Keep hands clean
    • Limit movement in the home to prevent further damage.
    • Place dry, colorfast towels or old linens on carpeted traffic areas to prevent more soiling.
    • If electricity is off, empty freezer and refrigerator and prop doors open.
    • Wipe soot from chrome on faucets and appliances then protect with a light coating of lubricant.


    • Do not attempt to wash any walls or painted surfaces without first contacting a SERVPRO Franchise Professional.
    • Do not attempt to shampoo carpet or upholstered furniture without first consulting a SERVPRO Franchise Professional.
    • Do not attempt to clean any electrical appliances that may have been close to fire or water without consulting a repair service.

    It may seem easier to try and take care of fire damage on your own, but more often than not, trying to clean with generic products only ruins the damaged area more. Call SERVPRO of Northwest Davidson County and we'll be there to help! 

    Tips for Surviving Summer

    6/19/2018 (Permalink)

    The First Day of Summer Is Approaching!!

    SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson pulled together some of our best-known tips and home remedies for common summer problems!


    We all know that the best part about summer is that we get to cool off with a nice dip in the pool! Depending on how long that dip takes, you could be in for some sun damage. Here are a few ways that we have found works best for treating sunburns:

    • ALOE gel/lotion - During the summer aloe is your best friend. It takes the heat out fast and minimizes your peeling. If you only have a little sunburn the best to use is the gel. If you are severely burned, the best advice to give is to use the aloe lotion. It is so much more gentle when it comes to a burn that is very painful.
    • Hot Tub/Hot Shower - This is by far the most painful way to deal with a sunburn, but it works the very best. After you've been in the sun for as long as you can stand, dip in the hot tub for 15 minutes. Make sure that your sun-exposed skin is completely submerged. It hurts initially. but the recovery time is cut down by at least 50%. It pulls heat out and keeps it out. It also helps to follow up with an aloe treatment. 

    Mosquito Bites

    During the summer, we tend to spend a lot of time outside, especially at night when the weather is more enjoyable. Unfortunately, that's when the pesky little insects like to come out and play. When treating a mosquito bite, here are a few topical solutions to try:

    • Honey
    • Green Tea
    • Ice
    • Lemon
    • Aloe
    • Cucumber

    Those few things are to decrease the swelling and itching of a mosquito bite. This may sound crazy, but the most effective way to get rid of an itch is simple. Take your fingernail and press into the center of the bite and make an "x". This works like magic and we wish we could tell you why, but that, my friend, is a mystery.

    And last, but not least:

    Bee Stings

    We try and avoid these little guys, but they love the sun as much as we do. Here are a few things that help with the stinging and swelling of a bee bite (assuming that you are not allergic to them):

    • Basil - This is mainly to help with the swelling after the stinging goes away. The best way to use basil is to mix with water in a food processor so that all of the good nutrients in the basil come to surface.
    • Water & Baking Soda Solution - mix these to form a paste; apply and let dry before taking it off. This helps with the sting.
    • Apple Cider Vinegar - apply straight, not mixed with anything. Organic, with mother works best. This helps with the sting.
    • Raw Honey - plain and simple. Apply topically, this helps with sting.

    We hope that you all have a wonderful summer and that these tips help!